Accepting Applications Year-Round!

To Determine Eligibility, please provide the following:

(1) Child’s Birth Certificate. (2) Verification of Family Income and (3) Proof of Address (Utility Bill)

How to Apply

Print and fill out an application and schedule an appointment with our Enrollment Coordinator

We must be able to reach you to complete enrollment of your child. If you move or change your phone number after completing an application, please notify our Office.

A Parent or Legal Guardian must sign the application.

Once you complete and submit your online application, you will be contacted within 3 Business Days.

All Saints Early Education Center

8 Weeks to 3 Years
3847 Terracina Drive
Riverside, CA 925063
(951) 281-1007

TRF Infant & Toddler Center

8 Weeks to 3 Years
El Salvador Community Center
1825 W. Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92703

TRF Summer Camp

Corbin Community Center
2215 W. McFadden Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704