Family Services


The following information determines eligibility:

Family services

Child’s age (8 weeks – 12 years)

Income Verification
(TANF/SSI/Foster/1040 Tax Return)

Proof of Address (utility bill, cable bill, etc.)


TRF uses a selection point system to select children based on highest to lowest points.

This process includes foster & unhoused children, as well as children with disabilities to participate in the program based on the need as well as the educational plan (IEP).


TRF recruits throughout the year. We partner with many agencies and community programs to be visible and promote TRF services. TRF parents assist with recruitment in distributing flyers, informing their neighbors, family and friends of TRF services. We aim to reach families in need of free or affordable subsidized child care options and early childhood education programs.


Eligible and selected children are enrolled. TRF continuously enrolls children throughout the program year, offering options for free child care to qualifying families.


Children’s attendance is crucial as they will benefit from educational and health services. Should a child be absent for excused reasons, it is highly recommended that the parent contact the site to report the absence and reason.

Parent Workshops

Parent workshops & Child & Family Support Services are offered for free:

  • Nutrition & Health
  • Education
  • Disabilities
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Domestic Violence information
  • Parent Advocacy
  • Parent Volunteerism
  • Male Involvement
  • Parent, Family & Community Engagement

Parent, Family & Community Engagement

TRF strives to meet the needs of each child and their family through our child and family support services. We provide activities for parent and encourage parent participation throughout the program. One of TRF’s goals is to prepare children for the elementary school years by empowering families to participate in many activities, such as workshops or trainings, which will enable them to be effective advocates and parents. With a primary focus on family self-sufficiency, our child and family center helps parents to support their child’s school readiness goals and classroom curriculum at home. TRF’s child and family support services also include providing families with support during transition into Head Start and into Kindergarten, offering free and affordable subsidized child care, early childhood education programs, free summer camp, and after school programs. TRF also gives opportunities for parents to strengthen their leadership and advocacy skills.


TRF’s child and family support services ensure that every enrolled child has up-to-date immunizations, as well as a current physical and dental exam each year. As part of the programs’ goals, TRF provides health education activities on topics such as asthma, child obesity, childhood lead, childhood diseases, and updates on immunization information.